Skiddaw and Derwentwater in the Campervan

After three nights parked up at the base of Blencathra, I was ready for a change of scenery. I was up nice and early on Wednesday morning to head into Keswick and try and find a quiet place to park. My theory was simple; I would attempt to arrive after the locals had left to go to work but before the commuters who worked in Keswick arrived. I rolled into town at 8:30am and found a great spot, probably more by chance than as a result of my ingenious planning!

It’s such a good spot that I’ve actually remained here for a week, despite only intending to stay a few days! First thing was first and I spent the majority of Wednesday in the library updating the blog and setting up a YouTube channel. The following day I enjoyed a pleasant walk around Derwentwater. It’s about ten miles and pretty flat throughout so it’s a nice relaxing wander, with some great views and a few interesting bits and pieces like the Millennium Stone.

The Millenium Stone with Derwentwater behind
The Millenium Stone with Derwentwater behind

It was my birthday on Friday so I met up with family and went for a meal which was nice. I was intending to go for a walk up Skiddaw as a birthday treat but the weather was pretty miserable so I postponed it until the following day. It’s a bit of a trek from Keswick itself and I decided to do a circular route taking in Skiddaw Little Man, Skiddaw itself and Carl Side, so it felt like a good full day out. It was fun watching the hang gliders jumping off the hillside as I descended from Carl Side. I counted ten of them in the air at once. Near the bottom I heard a rustle amongst the bracken and glanced down to spot a little lizard, which was great to see. They’re really well camouflaged and I’ve only ever spotted them a few times.

A lizard I spotted on my walk up Skiddaw
A lizard I spotted on my Skiddaw walk

I’d enjoyed my walk around Derwentwater so much earlier in the week that I decided to postpone my departure and do it again, in the opposite direction! Then another day in the library followed and today I’ve been hiding from the weather in the van. I may stay in Keswick for another day or so as I’d like to have a walk up Walla Crag and Bleaberry Fell.

The River Derwent at the southern end of Derwentwater
The River Derwent at the southern end of Derwentwater

If you’ve got any recommendations for me while I’m here in the Lake District, get in touch or leave a comment below.

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