Campervan Carpet and Accessories – Van Build Part 13

Once all of the major conversion jobs were finished, I  added a few extra fascias and accessories etc.

Campervan Carpet

This stuff is great. It can be cut to size and glued onto most surfaces with contact adhesive, creating a really nice finish. I used it to cover any bare metalwork, such as around the doors and over the wheel arches. Once I’d finished, everything looked a lot smarter and it was easy to forget I was inside a van. Just the effect I wanted!

Campervan carpet
I used black auto carpet to cover any bare metalwork, particularly around the doors.


I fitted lots of little things which didn’t really seem important individually, but added up to make the camper feel much more liveable in. I put a few hooks up next to the side door for jackets, dressing gown and a towel and a few more on the end of the kitchen unit for a tea towel, keys and a head torch. My tea mugs got hung up on the bulkhead and I used Velcro to secure my tea, coffee and sugar pots to the kitchen worktop. Finally, a kitchen roll holder was attached to the back of the cupboard door under the sink.

I then fitted a curtain rail within the window reveal and enlisted the help of someone to make me a curtain out of the same faux suede fabric used on the walls around the bed.

For peace of mind I installed a small fire extinguisher and a carbon monoxide alarm.

I fitted lots of little accessories to finish the conversion off and make the camper feel a lot more homely
I fitted lots of little accessories to finish the conversion off and make the camper feel more homely

Loading Up

With the conversion complete, all that was left to do was pack it up ready to go. The kitchen drawers were filled with pots and pans etc and some food. The rest of my food went in the cupboards along one side of the bed. Clothes etc went in the cupboard along the other side of the bed and a few miscellaneous items like magazines and books went in the cupboard under the seat nearest the bed. Rucksacks, boots, rain gear and my bike all went in the ‘garage’ under the bed, accessed via the rear doors.

Loading the cupboards
Loading the cupboards

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